...those who like to cook and those who like to bake.  Notice that both of those include a preference, not an ability :) 

I love being a baker. Love it. As an 80's baby, I dreamed of EZ Bake Ovens complete with endless supplies of colorful sprinkles and more flavors of cake than I could imagine. I dream a little bigger now, growing wide-eyed over gleaming red special anniversary Hobart mixers (the 60 quart ones) and stacked deck ovens that bake beautiful loaves of crusty bread, perfectly chewy cookies, and pies that could grace the cover of any foodie magazine. 

What's that you say?? You can't bake? Nonsense. Given the right ingredients and tools, you can totally bake SOMETHING. 
(Something far greater than pulling apart refrigerated dough to make cookies.)

I think the main reason why people think they can't bake is because they think baking and cooking are the same. 
They. Are. Not. 
Throw that idea out the window. Baking is first a careful science and second a wild creativity. Cooking is awesome in that you can be creative AS you cook, changing your mind and adjusting seasonings and textures as you go. When you bake, if you don't begin with the right ingredients in the exact quantities, and mix them together in the right order with the right method, you will never get the results you hope to.  (Many things require this precision!)

This is why I love baking. It's exact. It's particular. Dare I say stubborn? Maybe I like it so much because its so much like me :)
(The preciseness is also one of the dividing lines between those who love baking and those who love cooking.) 

By all means, you can love cooking more than you love baking (some of my very best friends do, and I don't hold it against them!) But PLEASE, for the love of Pete, don't just like cooking more than baking because you think you can't bake. 

Do me a favor and bake the formula (what bakers call recipes) below. Follow it exactly and I mean EXACTLY...  and if you don't come out with amazingly delicious brownies, I will come to your house and bake them again with you.  (For realz. with a Z.) 

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